wheel of torture

Wheel of Torture is an iOS app created at HackPrinceton Spring 2016. It is a fun take on a task managing app, and the name is a riff off "Wheel of Fortune."


See description I wrote in a very sleep-deprived state on the right:



Behold the Wheel of Torture!

Ever felt yourself procrastinating like ALL your work? Same. 

Well, worry not! Wheel of Torture provides a dynamic (and fun) way to get your life together. 

Simply add the tasks on your agenda to the pretty list (#tableview) and upvote based on the urgency of the task. Add as many as you please. We may or may not judge you. 

THEN we will synthesize your life struggles into a pie chart (giving weight to your more urgent tasks). And THEN (drumroll please) you get to spin the Wheel of Torture (read: Fortune).

Spin away, friends!