mihika kapoor



cs @ princeton // founder @ designation // director @ tigertrek

formerly vc @ stripes group & design @ facebook

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a bit about me


I'm a senior at Princeton University studying Computer Science, Visual Arts & Entrepreneurship. I am passionate about intuitive user experiences, collaborative community building and the role of design in our everyday lives.

In 2017, I founded Designation, an annual all-expenses-paid conference in NYC to connect the top 99 design-driven students in the country with leading creative executives and thought leaders.

This past fall, I directed Princeton's Silicon Valley TigerTrek, a one week trip where Princeton's top 20 entrepreneurs and engineers meet with tech leaders in the Bay. I secured meetings with Jack Dorsey, Jeff Jordan, Peter Fenton, Sarah Tavel, Joe Gebbia, and more.

In Summer 2017 I worked as a VC Summer Analyst at Stripes Group, and the summer before worked as a Product Design Intern at Facebook.

I am excited by the rise of crypto and the impact it will have on marketplaces, transactions, and the democratization of information in today's world. I believe strong UX/UI practices will be critical in enabling this change.

I design Snapchat Geofilters for fun! Order one here.


i founded a national design conference last year

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